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RegistrationRegistrations CLOSED Easter Day, 2017. But it’s not too late.

If you have not yet returned a completed registration form, deposit, and other materials indicated below, we are happy to consider your registration, but cannot guarantee availability. Please contact Lane Hensley directly before completing paperwork or making a deposit.

You can signal your INTEREST in the pilgrimage at any time by returning this Registration Form, even if incomplete. You can save the form to your computer, update it, and send us updates at your convenience. When you return the form, we’ll keep you in the communications loop as the pilgrimage approaches.

IMPORTANT: You are not actually registered, and your place is not reserved, until you have returned a completed registration form, and you are current on payment of fees.

Registration priority is will be given to members of Hope Lutheran Church and St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church.

In addition to the registration form itself, we request that you provide a clear photograph of your face that we can circulate to other pilgrims so we can get to know one another before we travel. We also require that you provide us with a high-quality photocopy of the identification page of your passport, which we are required to submit to the tour operator ahead of travel. We can make that photocopy for you at the church office if you stop in during regular business hours, 9-5, Monday through Thursday, except holidays.


Is the trip sold out?

No. Although the registration deadline has passed, we will accept late registrations through mid-June, or when we run out of seats. As of April 25, 2017, we can accommodate several more pilgrims. The more the merrier!


Am I registered?

Complete registration includes these items:

  • Fully completing and returning the registration form to St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church, Finance Office, 47535 State Hwy. 74, Palm Desert, CA 92260.
  • Submitting a high quality scanned image of your passport, valid for the duration of the pilgrimages, on the personal identification page (St. Margaret’s office staff can scan your passport for you if needed during regular office hours, 9-5, Monday-Thursday, closed for lunch)
  • Submitting a high quality scanned photograph of yourself, which we will use to create and circulate a pilgrim directory among the pilgrims themselves so you can learn about your fellow pilgrims (St. Margaret’s office staff can scan your passport for you if needed during regular office hours, 9-5, Monday-Thursday, closed for lunch)
  • Paying the $1,850 deposit (50% of the total cost of the pilgrimage) on or before Easter Day, April 16, 2017.
    IMPORTANT: You are not actually registered until this fee is paid, even if you’ve submitted all the other paperwork. If the pilgrimage sells out, the date and time we receive the full $1,850 deposit determines your place in the queue. It’s very unlikely that it will come to this, but if we have to turn anyone away because the pilgrimage is full, the determination of who goes and who doesn’t will depend on this factor.


Questions should be referred directly to Lane Hensley at St. Margaret’s. Please note that our travel agency deals only with issues surrounding the flights, and not with anything that happens on the ground in the Holy Land.

Last updated: April 25, 2017 at 21:53 pm

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